Fermented Nutrition Corporation is a manufacturer of a suite of innovative products leveraging the Company’s proprietary fermentation process. Our products utilize dairy and other agricultural byproducts as feedstock and offer a sustainable, biobased alternative to the animal nutrition, animal health and agrochemical markets.  Fermented Nutrition is headquartered in Luxemburg, WI and is the successor to Packerland Whey Products. Under the direction of new ownership and management since mid-2012, the team’s focus is on the innovation and commercialization of differentiated functional products that leverage the Company’s diversified supply chain and unique fermentation capabilities. 

The Company’s core market is manufacturing and distributing valued-added feed and health treatment products targeting bovine animals with a concentration in dairy. Our flagship dairy product is GlucoBoost®, a dietary supplement added to a transition cow’s ration to help in the management of Subclinical Ketosis, where a negative energy balance is created as the heifer calves and enters into milk. GlucoBoost® works comparably to a “drench” without the needed hassle or cost, of targeting just one head.  GlucoBoost® is available in several product formats that vary in delivery form and product concentration. This range of products offer alternatives to potential customers to consider depending on a specific herd’s health and nutritional needs. Please see our GlucoBoost® page for more information on this exciting animal health product.  In addition to our fermented health products, the Company offers a fermented high protein/high energy soybean meal replacement, LW40, which has been safely and effectively integrated into the rations of high producing dairy cows for 30 plus years. Our fermented dairy products are approved by the FDA and have been extensively researched in field trials as well as by the agricultural departments of several leading Midwestern Universities. The Company also manufactures and sells Whey Protein Concentrate that is used in the manufacturing of calf milk replacer.

Through the Company’s on-going research efforts, Fermented Nutrition continues to experiment with developing new products for the feed and agrochemical markets. The Company is in the process of commercializing a fertilizer derived from fermented dairy ingredients. Through partnership with  an outside consultant and a number of growers, Fermented Nutrition has conducted field trials on several crop types with encouraging results.  The fertilizer is non-synthetic and is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic acids to promote vigorous growth, stronger vibrant foliage and increased bloom and flower production. The fertilizer product has also received the USDA BioPreferred certification for being a biobased product.

Fermented Nutrition is a Granite Creek company. Granite Creek invests in businesses with defensible market niches, recognized brands, strong intellectual property and/or manufacturing process assets led by entrepreneurial management teams in food/agribusiness, medical devices and instruments, and transportation industry sectors.