A cost-effective Protein Supplement 

LW40 is a high protein and high energy dairy feed ingredient that provides an excellent opportunity to realize significant feed expense savings, while maintaining milk production and components.

LW40 Benefits:

  • Excellent source of soluble protein and energy.
  • Improves rumen health which promotes growth of rumen bacteria to digest more Dry Matter.
  • Increases the amount of microbial protein available to the animal.
  • Does not consist of carbohydrates, so it does not add to the starch load in the rumen.
  • Increases total ration palatability and improves ration uniformity while decreasing ration sorting.
  • Helps through periods of heat stress by increasing ration palatability and the nutrient density of the ration.
  • Users have seen increases in DMI, body condition and slicker hair coat.
  • Unique TMR preservation properties that adds significant value during the warmer months as well as in hot climates. 


Feeding LW40, a high energy 40% protein liquid feed product, in place of 2 or 3 pounds of soybean or canola meal has the potential to save $.05 to $0.10 /cow/day with a low risk of losing milk production. Several recent university studies demonstrate how substituting LW40 for soybean meal produces equivalent results. This is a management opportunity to help save costs in any environment, but particularly when facing low milk prices.

LW40 results over control


  • LW40 is shipped out in liquid tankers, or on rail.
  • The dairy farms store LW40 in non-heated poly or steal tanks.
  • LW40 does not shrink or spoil.
  • LW40 will not freeze or settle in tanks.

How LW40 is processed:

Fermented Nutrition uses fermentation in manufacturing this high energy and high protein supplement. The fermenting of dairy of byproducts such as whey to make LW40 resembles the fermentation used to make good silages, pickles and sauerkraut. The bacteria consumes lactose in the feedstock and converts it to organic acids. When the fermentation process is complete, the fermented whey is evaporated to deliver a 40% crude protein, high energy liquid feed.

LW40 is a component in your dairy's overall nutrition program

Please contact one of our product experts on how to integrate LW40 into your dairy's ration.