A BioBased liquid fertilizer 

Whey2Grow™ is a multipurpose biobased liquid fertilizer. Whey2Grow™ is sustainably produced taking dairy derivatives such as whey and whey permeate and fermenting them with Lactobacillus. The end product has been certified BioPreferred and consists of over 90% renewable agricultural materials.

The product is rich in naturally occurring organic acids and other mineral nutrients. The nitrogen, phosphorus and potash are derived from fermented whey.

Whey2Grow™'s proprietary compound of auxiliary plant nutrients is formulated to promote vigorous growth, stronger vibrant foliage, improved leaf structure, and increased bloom and flower production on flowers, fruits, vegetables and turf.

To learn more and see the product in action, please contact Fermented Nutrition's local partner.


Whey2Grow™ is approved as a BioPreferred product by the USDA. This certification validates that it is a biobased, clean nutrient source for Agricultural, Turf and Nursery care. 

This certification validates that Whey2Grow™ is composed in significant part, of biological products or renewable domestics agricultural materials.

This concentrated biobased plant food provides a balanced nutrient profile to improve plant health and performance.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Quart
  • Gallon
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 275 Gallon Tote

Contact our sales team or our local California partner to learn more and find out where you can purchase.*

*Product is available in California only at this time. Fermented Nutrition is currently working on registration in other states, please check back for future availability. 

tomato farm


Product can be used in foliar or soil applications.

Some product settling can occur, shake well before use.

Liquid concentrate easily mixes with water for convenience. Once product is diluted use within 24 hours.

Application rates vary by plant type but most commonly call for ratio of 1 oz: 120 oz dilution of Whey2Grow™ to water, applied 1 time per week.

Foliar: Apply with any equipment that delivers a fine foliar mist to the foliage of the plan. Do not over spry to run off.

Soil: Apply Whey2Grow™ uniformly over the field as a side dress or a root-dip. 

Completed Trials

Successful trials have been completed on the following plants using either foliar or root drench applications:

  • Strawberries Trials with 2 leading California growers– The plants were greener, lusher, bigger, and for the soil, there was increased colonization of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa amoeba.
  • Flowers Trials with a California Nursery – The plants increased in size and flowering.
  • Turf and Ornamental Ground Cover Trials with a California Nursery – The grass was more robust, tough, and visibly healthy.

Current Tomato trial

Hypothesis / Replication Effort
Whey2Grow™ improves outcomes of tomato plants

Mode of Action
Fertilizer and as a Bioregulator

Trial Application

  •  Foliar
  • Blending Whey2Grow™ with a liquid 3-18-18 fertilizer
  • Apply 4 times: (i) pre-bloom, (ii) after full flowering, and (iii) twice during fruit expansion

Product Dilution

  • On as fed basis, Whey2Grow™ has 37% organic acids
  • To maintain a 10% concentration of organic acids, Whey2Grow™ is diluted by 2.7 gallons of water to 1 gallon of product.

Observed Results

  • Whey2Grow™ showed characteristic effects on plant growth as well as on the quantity and quality of crop yield.
  • The plants showed better tolerance of sub optimal growth conditions.
  • Whey2Grow™ is effective as a chelating agent relative to other commercial alternative chelation products.
  • Whey2Grow™'s performance is consistent across multiple environments of pH and temperature.

Results are expected in Q3 of 2016.


*Product is available in California only at this time. Fermented Nutrition is currently working on registration in other states, please check back for future availability.