Fermented Nutrition Corporation manufactures proprietary nutrition and health products, targeted to bring real solutions to dairy producers.  



LW40 is a protein alternative produced from fermenting dairy byproducts that provides a unique slow release NPN source as well as microbial protein from fermentation similar to Soy Bean Meal. In addition, LW40 contains a significant energy provision, providing 2x the energy value of corn.


GlucoBoost® a unique high energy product designed to improve glucose production in early lactation cows, leading to improved transition cow health.




Whey2Grow™ is a biobased fertilizer designed for agricultural, turf and plant nursery care. It is a multipurpose non-synthetic liquid fertilizer derived from the fermentation of dairy derivatives such as whey and whey permeate with Lactobacillus. Great for consumers looking for a biobased, sustainably produced quality plant food.